L’Autre Rives, local partners

L’Autre Rives is part of an ecosystem of people and companies committed to ensuring that your stay with us, in Albi and in our beautiful Tarn region, is authentic, intense, gourmet and convivial, to give you an unforgettable experience.

At L’Autre Rives we are committed to preserving our environment by serving products from organic or sustainable agriculture and from the region as much as possible and by making simple actions on a daily basis to limit our impact on the planet.

Our partners have good taste

Our suppliers and partners are all advocates for tasty and quality products. Their products are made with passion, found locally, created artisanally and organically or are from sustainable agriculture. We serve their products for breakfast, as well as home-made specialities: cakes, yogurts, desserts, etc.

Les confitures de ma douce, partenaire de l'Autres Rives, chambre d'hôtes eco-responsable à Albi

« Ma Douce » jams

Marion passionately prepares the jams we serve for breakfast. She cooks small quantities, just like at home, to preserve the quality of the taste of the fruit. She creates new combinations that always leave plenty of room for fruit, while sugar is never overly present. Open your taste buds wide !
Jannie Chocolaterie, partenaire de l'Autres Rives, chambre d'hôtes eco-responsable à Albi

Janie's chocolate spreads

A little woman who knows what she wants: to make great products with top-quality ingredients. She’ll delight you with her spreads, now available in several variations; salted butter caramel, Piedmont hazelnuts, speculoos and more. a real treat. And let me know what you think of her hot chocolate mix!
Jus de fruit de la famille vieules, partenaire de l'Autres Rives, chambre d'hôtes eco-responsable à Albi

The Vieules family’s Fruit Juices

The fruit juices you’ll enjoy here come from Thierry and Brigitte Vieules’ farm in Miolles, in the Tarn, at an altitude of 500m. They also grow fruit trees and plants like strawberries, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, redcurrants, pears, apples, kiwis and quinces.
Fromagerie Cathare partenaire des chambres d'hôtes L'Autre Rives à Albi

Cheeses from the Tarn region

La fromagerie Cathare is our Ali Baba’s cave! Charlotte and Mathieu select products from all over the Occitanie region and have a wide selection of cheeses from the Tarn region that we serve for breakfast. Cows, ewes, goats, the Tarn has it all!
Sonia apicultrice partenaire des chambres d'hôtes L'Autre Rives

Honey from Albi

Fiona, a young beekeeper from Albi, produces honey exclusively near her hometown, Albi. She strives for quality, taste and variety for her customers. Her honey always manages to stay creamy – how does she do it? It’s a secret! Isabelle’s favorite : chestnut honey from the Tarn valley, subtle and aromatic!
Bières bios et artisanales La berlue disponibles aux chambres d'hôtes L'Autre Rives à Albi

La Berlue Organic Beers

A team of nine enthusiasts who naturally brew their beers by hand using cereals grown in Occitanie, and they’re unpasteurized beers (they continue to mature in the bottle!) They are also chemical-free – in short, the opposite of industrial made beers! All finished off with a touch of madness on top !
Charcuterie Millas, partenaire de l'Autres Rives, chambre d'hôtes eco-responsable à Albi

Charcuterie Millas

A family business located in the Monts de Lacaune since 1995. Tasty, natural and healthy artisanal charcuterie and cured meats made using traditional recipes and know-how. Here the pigs are reared on straw by three local farmers from the Tarn and Aveyron regions.
Vignes de Gaillac dans le Tarn

The Winemakers

Gaillac is one of France’s oldest vineyards. More than 100 independent wine growers passionately work the vines. The winegrowers we work with do produce organic or biodynamic wines. Discover the local grape varieties:Loin de l’oeil, Mauzac, Prunelard, Braucol, a whole new world awaits you!
Savons bios, artisanaux et locaux disponibles aux chambres d'hôtes L'Autre Rives à Albi


Made in the Tarn, 100% natural and over 99% organic with 0% animal-derived ingredients – these soaps have been labeled ‘Slow Cosmetics’. At L’Autre Rives we’ve chosen three fragrances to appeal to the greatest number: rosewood soap, Nîmes blue soap de Nîmes and verbena!
Thés Jomo disponibles aux maisons d'hôtes L'Autre Rives à Albi

Jomos Iced Teas

We chose Jomo iced teas because they’re made in France, sugar-free, healthy, balanced and delicious, and they use organically grown ingredients.
Séverine prépare des bouquets sur mesure avec des fleurs de saison et régionales autant que possible

Auréline, or the flowers of Séverine

Séverine and her husband lovingly prepare superb bouquets of seasonal flowers and as much as possible from our region. Create a surprise: a bouquet waiting for you in the bedroom for a special occasion or simply for the pleasure of making someone happy!
Christophe gérant de la station Bees location de vélos

Christophe's bikes

Christophe, manager of the Bees Gaillac resort, offers you the chance to cycle through the Tarn, where vine-growing, nature, historical relics and gastronomy will give you an unforgettable experience! You’ll have a choice of electric or muscle bikes, and can either travel to Gaillac by car or train and explore the surrounding area for the day, or have the bikes delivered to L’Autre Rives!


To renovate and decorate our guest house, we mixed up our old furniture, spent months hunting for bargains and also formed partnerships with French brands whose values we share.

Amis et collègues de l'association des maisons d'hôtes de charme du Tarn


L’Autre Rives has joined the association des maisons d’hôtes de charme du sud-ouest (MHC): a group of character houses and châteaux.

objet de la boutique de produits locaux de l'Autre Rives


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Vase des Poteries d'Albi dans la maison d'hôtes l'Autre Rives


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